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02/28/2017 | General Interest Press Trade Press

Reliable protection for smartphones and tablets thanks to infrared iris scanning and facial recognition

Secure data transfer thanks to high tech from Osram. Banking apps on smartphones, business emails on your laptop, and online shopping on your tablet – our mobile companions need powerful protection against unauthorized access.
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02/28/2017 | Trade Press

Infrared LED protects mobile computers from unauthorized access

New Oslux IRED yields high-quality images for facial recognition. This compact IRED ensures uniform illumination of facial features for high image quality.
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02/27/2017 | Trade Press

Osram concludes strategic partnership with beaconsmind for location-based services in brick-and-mortar retail

Osram is collaborating with beaconsmind AG, the first iBeacon full-service provider based in Switzerland, to provide in-store retailers and fashion brands with an immediate end-to-end solution for integrating location-based services (LBS).
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02/23/2017 | Trade Press

Safety in focus: infrared LED for iris scanners protects against intruders

New Oslux IRED ensures even illumination, simplifying identification of unique iris patterns. Its direction of emission is slightly angled rather than vertical.
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02/16/2017 | Trade Press

Osram shines a light on retail spaces at EuroShop and brings together customers and retailers for a new shopping experience

At this year's EuroShop trade fair in Düsseldorf, Osram will be showcasing its most recent developments for product presentations in retail outlets.
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