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Supplier Management

Sustainability plays an important role in the supply chain as part of a global economy. We expect our suppliers to adhere to basic values in human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption, among others. In order to ensure this we hold intensive discussions with our suppliers to create a common understanding of basic values. In addition, we use tools and processes to support our suppliers as implementation partners and to verify compliance.

Code of conduct for suppliers

OSRAM has a concise Code of Conduct for Suppliers which, similar to our own Business Conduct Guidelines, takes as its basis the most important international standards and conventions and also provides a clear summary of our fundamental values. It has been signed by our suppliers throughout the world.

  Target 2017 Figure 2016 Figure 2015
Coverage of Code of Conducts for suppliers   100% 98% 90%


Supplier audit

Regular audits are necessary to verify compliance with the Code of Conduct. That is why we extended our regular supplier audits with aspects of corporate responsibility, taking place on several levels.
  • Corporate responsibility is an obligatory element for suppliers, and implementing these measures is part of the “balanced scorecard” of our purchasers.
  • Part of the supplier qualification process is to obtain supplier self-disclosures in which relevant data on corporate responsibility criteria is queried.
  • On the basis of self-disclosure and other risk-based criteria we have Corporate Responsibility Supplier Audits conducted by objective external auditors.

Integration of these tools in our central purchasing system ensures seamless incorporation in the entire procurement process. If discrepancies are found in the course of supplier auditing we discuss these with the supplier and together produce proposals for improvement. The relevant supplier will then be reaudited. No violations of our Code of Conduct have yet been discovered that would necessitate terminating a business relationship, and the general feedback from our suppliers has been positive.

Policy on Conflict Minerals

One of the aspects of a sustainable supply chain that has gained special relevance is the issue of “conflict minerals”. For that reason, OSRAM has developed a policy to supplement our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Further information

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PDF Code of Conduct for Suppliers Adobe Acrobat 59.5KB
PDF OSRAM Business Conduct Guidelines Adobe Acrobat 191KB

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