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Climate Strategy

Artificial light accounts for around 15 % of the worldwide consumption of electricity and thus for a considerable proportion of CO2 emissions. This amount can be significantly reduced by replacing inefficient technologies with sustainable lighting solutions from components and luminaires to light management systems. A holistic approach to sustainable development and sustainable products is of great importance to OSRAM. We continuously work on an improvement to more environmentally friendly production processes.


OSRAM aligned with the ambitious EU 20-20-20 targets for its global operations, which means a 20 % absolute reduction of CO2 emissions, water consumption and waste generation by 2020 based on the 1990 values (OSRAM base year is 2006).

Target for CO2: A 0.75% reduction of CO2 emissions per year.
Target for Water: A global target of 0.75 % reduction of water consumption per year will be introduced.
Target for Waste: Concentration on waste for disposal, a global target of 0.75 % reduction per year will be introduced.
Target for Energy Efficiency:

OSRAM will extend the German industry pact to its global operations, which calls for an efficiency increase of 1.3 % per year.

Energy Balance and CO2–Emissions

We have managed to reduce specific energy consumption significantly over the past years. Benefiting the environment by reducing energy consumption has been and still is an important objective for all the sites - for reasons of climate and resource protection and for sound economic reasons. Included here are CO2 emissions.

Energy Efficiency – important for OSRAM, important for the environment

Since 2013 a cross-departmental team has been dedicated to implementing energy-saving measures in an initial batch of 20 plants throughout the company. With measurable success.

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