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News about sustainability at OSRAM


08.05.2017 | Cooperation with the GRC

As a new partner of the Red Cross, OSRAM is the first company to promote a pioneering and innovative approach to predictive humanitarian aid in times of natural disasters. Forecast-based financing provides money and resources to alleviate the devastating consequences of storms, floods or droughts.

20.03.2017 | OSRAM GRI G4 Report 2016 published

Our GRI G4 Report is online. We have produced our Report in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. We report according to G4 and while selecting the 'Core' option. 

10.03.2017 | LiO 2016: Young artists win LiO for innovative light installation

The winning entries for the 2016 OSRAM talent highlight prize were awarded in a festive ceremony at Munich’s Praterinsel on March 9, 2017. Three young artists, Eylül Aslan, Frederic Hanen and Sola Thoma, from the Technical University of Munich, have claimed the top prize in the third LiO competition. The students were honored for their piece “5. Dimension” (5th Dimension). The award is endowed with prize money of €10,000.

24.02.2017 | OSRAM 2015 Sustainability Report in rankings of IÖW and future

The OSRAM 2015 Sustainability Report is in the Top 10 of the rankings for 2015 sustainability reports, published by IÖW and future, in the Mechanical Engineering/Technology category.

19.01.2017 | RobecoSAM Bronze Class Award

OSRAM has been presented again with the Bronze Class Award by RobecoSAM, the Zürich-based sustainability investment company, and has been included in RobecoSAM's 2017 Sustainability Yearbook.

07.01.2017 | Communication on Progress now published

OSRAM is a member of the UN Global Compact since 2005. Now the company submitted its Communication on Progress Report to the UN and published it at the same time.

24.11.2016 | LiO: OSRAM art award wins a Corporate Art Award

OSRAM’s LiO (Light is OSRAM) award for young artists and designers won in the “Best art sponsorship programme with reference to the core business of the company” category at the Corporate Art Awards in Rome. The Corporate Art Awards honor companies for their particularly significant contribution to the collaboration between art and the corporate world. OSRAM’s LiO has been awarded to the best students at a given university every year since 2013.

16.11.2016 | Air Zing 2020 from OSRAM uses ultraviolet light to clean the air from air-conditioning systems

Air-conditioning systems can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, particularly if they are not cleaned regularly. What’s more, air conditioning systems can distribute these pathogens throughout the entire room. With Air Zing 2020 from Osram, a UV light based retrofit solution for window air conditioning units these germs and organisms are being effectively combated for the first time.

04.11.2016 | Winner of the Business Excellence Award 2016 reduces environmental impact

In the category Business Excellence Award the project “Silverstar Ultra - next level through laser ablation” has won the 1st prize of the OSRAM Orange award 2016. 

28.10.2016 | LiO 2016: OSRAM art award announced together with TU Munich.   

OSRAM is running the LiO award for the third time – this year with the Technical University of Munich as its cooperation partner. Students in the Faculty of Architecture and those in selected partner universities will have the chance in the coming winter semester to submit their concepts for this art award. 

LiO - Light is OSRAM



16.10.2016 | OSRAM at Techfest Munich

300 hackers, developers, nerds, geeks, designers and innovators turned up to Techfest Munich from September 9 to 11 to experiment with the latest technologies and materials in a creative and festive atmosphere. OSRAM challenged the creative talent to produce something special. In keeping with the slogan “Light is Fashion”, participants were asked to create the fashion of the future using smartphones, light and clothing.

12.10.2016 | STOXX ESG Leaders Indices

In October 2016, OSRAM has been included once again in the STOXX ESG Leaders indices. The STOXX Global ESG Leaders are evaluated in the areas of environmental, social and corporate governance. The database is provided by Sustainalytics.

08.09.2016 | OSRAM again among the most sustainable companies

OSRAM has been included once again in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World. It is the third consecutive time that the company has been listed in the internationally renowned index. Measured against a number of sustainability criteria, OSRAM ranks among the top companies in the sector “electrical components & equipment.” 

08.08.2016 | Environmental protection initiative in Wuxi: Manufacturing site is equipped with solar panels

At our manufacturing site in Wuxi 1,400 solar panels were installed, saving around 370kW per year. This correlates with the energy consumption of around 120 families – 420,000 kWh. The new solar panels are part of an environmental protection initiative of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors China.


02.05.2016 | OSRAM promotes “green startups”

Applications for the New Economy Award (NEA), which will be presented at the ceremony for the 2016 German Sustainability Award, must be received by the end of June. The NEA is the most prestigious award for startups that promote social and ecological sustainability. OSRAM is supporting this award, which will be presented this year for the second time, both financially and as a member of the jury.

15.02.2016 | MSCI Global Environmental Index

MSCI, a leading global provider of investment solutions, has listed OSRAM in its Global Environmental Index of. This index is comprised of securities of companies that derive at least 50% of their revenues from environmentally beneficial products and services.

04.02.2016 | LED lighting solutions from OSRAM support the Havi Logistics sustainability initiative

OSRAM Lighting Solutions has drawn up a cross-location LED lighting concept for Havi Logistics. The basis for this was pan-European energy audits previously carried out by OSRAM in the European distribution centers of Havi Logistics.

24.01.2016 | Award for the OSRAM-plant Eichstätt

In January 2016, the OSRAM plant Eichstätt has been granted as “BHKW of the year 2015” for its block heat and power plant. The German Association of Cogeneration of Heat and Power awarded the construction as exemplary and groundbreaking.

21.01.2016 | FTSE4 Good Index-Series

In January 2016 OSRAM was confirmed once again as a member of the FTSE4Good Index Series. Companies in the FTSE4Good Index Series meet strict environmental, social and governance criteria.

20.01.2016 | RobecoSAM Bronze Class Award

OSRAM has been presented with the Bronze Class Award by RobecoSAM, the Zürich-based sustainability investment company, and has been included in RobecoSAM's 2016 Sustainability Yearbook.

09.12.2015 | Young Italian artist wins OSRAM art award

Italian artist Elisa Spanò is the winner of this year’s “Light is Osram” (LIO) art award. The “Inspira” LED luminaire she designed can translate the moods of internet users into different colors, creating a “mood picture” of the World Wide Web



09.12.2015 | Osram Speaks During the UN Climate Conference COP21 in Paris

As a member of the en.lighten-Initiative, Osram addressed the need to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions via efficient lighting during two podium discussions. The United Nations organised the discussions as part of the 'Sustainable Energy For All' platform.

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