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Talented employees should be successful at OSRAM, no matter who they are or where they are from.

OSRAM Diversity Program

Our diversity program ensures that employees with the same experience and qualifications have the same career chances, irrespective of their personal background, gender or nationality. In order to promote diversity, making it the norm and a core element in our corporate culture, we have set in motion a number of programs and initiatives. Vacancies are filled and employees are selected following diversity aspects at all times.

Diversity is also important for the sustainable growth of our company. Only in heterogeneous groups can convincing innovative ideas be developed, fresh approaches created, and viable new solutions found. Our employees with different backgrounds and origins are representative of OSRAM's diverse customer groups. They enrich our pool of ideas and boost our innovations. Diversity is a decisive factor for being successful as a global company.

We want to make use of the diversity of our employees to learn from each other and promote innovations in all areas of the company. Diversity should enhance creativity, productivity and value everywhere – in new sales channels, optimized internal processes, and technological developments.

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