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Learning and Development

Learning and development are of high strategic importance for the success of our company. The working environment at OSRAM is dynamic, ambitious, creative, and open.

Our employees work in an environment that offers both challenging tasks and a variety of training and e-learning programs. Performance expectations, fulfillment of tasks, individual development plans and their progress are identified in regular employee reviews. This includes regular checks on how effective training measures are. By promoting each employee's individual goals, abilities and skills, we increase the performance of individual employees and that of the whole company.


The Talents enLIGHT Program is part of our global talent program. Each year approximately 20 promising newcomers are given the opportunity to implement ambitious projects from the OSRAM world of work. This promotion of young talent is also intended to help the company prepare for the future. Participants meet colleagues from all over the world and can build up an international and cross-departmental network while working on the project. In order to be an even more attractive employer for technical experts, we offer a new technology career concept, known as the key expert career, to highly qualified employees throughout the world. It provides an alternative to a management career and offers the possibility of focusing on technical tasks.

OSRAM's open mentoring program aims at exchanging ideas without any restrictions resulting from hierarchic levels, divisions, job functions or national borders. Every OSRAM employee can become a mentor or mentee to promote an unlimited and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. The team members connect with one another via an electronic platform on the intranet. 

With the OSRAM management and leadership programs we ensure that our managers are capable of mastering future challenges and meet the requirements of their current roles. The focus is on both people management skills and business management skills such as strategic decision-making and entrepreneurship. The programs are a crucial element in strengthening OSRAM's management culture from the inside.

Management culture & performance management

OSRAM's management culture is based on the three core elements of corporate identity: our brand, our strategy, and our corporate culture. We promote performance with a clear incentive system. Our transparent bonus system is based on clearly measurable targets and the assessment by managers. The performance management process (PMP) is the main instrument that OSRAM uses to systematically identify, accompany and promote potential and talent in its employees. OSRAM's PMP includes setting individual performance objectives and assessing the performance and abilities of employees, which is done by managers. It also gives the company an overview over its pool of talent. This provides the basis for promoting internal talent using appropriate training measures.

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